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Case studies for Active8 Robots

Matthew Daly | Sawyer Smart Collaborative Robot

“The team from Active8 very accurately interpreted our vision and turned it into a real life simulation that clearly allowed us to demonstrate the concept to the executive team.”

Prof. Subramanian Ramamoorthy

“…with Baxter there is a good simulator, a physical robot and easy to access public libraries means it’s relatively low cost for us to get a robotics student up to a sufficient level quickly”

Dr Michael Walters

“As Baxter is a safe robot, and requires no cage, we can have him in the classroom alongside the students and not have to worry about accidents.”

Peidong Liang

“Baxter is a good system for my work and was chosen because of his compliant joints, the excellent hardware and is good value compared to other systems.”

Nick Weldin

“You can use Baxter without doing a lot of reading first, so it’s very practical and “hands-on” which both the staff and students like.”

Stefan Wermter and Cornelius Weber

“Nao supports theoretical and practical lectures on artificial intelligence, helping robots, hybrid intelligent systems, and many others given by our research group.”

Prof. Tony Belpaeme

“One of the nice things about NAO is that it can cover the principals of programming with secondary school kids, all the way through to very large academic research projects; and at a price that is incredibly affordable”

Greg Armstrong

“What NAO brought to our department was the next generation; the cutting edge of robotic technology. Something that our students felt was the stuff of films rather than something that could be at the heart of their learning experience.”