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Case studies for Active8 Robots

Professor Axel Pinz and Thomas Höll

“While in Computer Vision and Image Understanding research, the output is often in the form of processed/augmented images, NAO is well suited to demonstrate success of computer vision algorithms by actions, motion, or by voice output.”

Professor Axel Pinz

“There certainly is an extremely high potential for this kind of hand-held, active inspection of objects by a humanoid robot, including human-robot interaction, home and service robotics, edutainment, active inspection, and active surveillance.”

Sarah Pinkney

“Students returned to English lessons with a renewed energy; not only were they even more ‘thirsty’ for knowledge, understanding and an opportunity to showcase their literacy skills - relationships had developed too. ”

Heni Ben Amor, David Vogt and Erik Berger

“The objective of this research project is to capture the way humans interact with each other during conversations or during physical interaction.”

Chris Carver

“Fully interactive, fun, constantly evolving, NAO is a trusted platform for teaching students at different levels.”

Markus Häring

“The NAO robot enables rapid prototyping of social behaviors, such as emotions, without having to struggle with low-level technical details.”

Pete Maguire

“There is no doubt that NAO provides an insight into a technology that many refer to as the ‘technology of tomorrow’. NAO makes a very clear statement that it is in fact the ‘technology of today’”

B-Human RoboCup Team

“In the past years we have increased the walking speed a lot. In 2009 we started at 14 cm per second. Last year we increased to 28 cm per second. This year we might be a little bit faster than that.”