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Robotics & Flexible Automation For The 
Pharmaceutical Industry





Helping You Make Your Pharmaceutical Business More Profitable 

With automation solutions for tasks demanding asepsis, repetition, and precision

In the last year or two, Active8 Robots have designed, delivered and implemented robotics solutions in Pharmaceutical facilities just like yours.  Large and small companies have implemented robotic solutions, most commonly in manufacturing processes, packing and end of line palletising.  If it’s important in your business to stay ahead of problems such as labour shortages, quality control & consistency, and keeping your UK facilities competitive and flexible then why not book a visit to see Active8 Robots current installations in build? You can talk to one of the team now. 

“Pharma sector is one of the vectors Active8 Robots specialises and enjoys working in. Our work usually involves a degree of R&D, where our innovations team prove concepts and solve problems never before tackled in robotics”

Antony Lovedale CEO and founder of Active robots Group 2018           

If you are not using collaborative robots in your facility, you are likely to be falling behind.  Global spend on robotics is expected to rise to $450 million per year in Pharmaceuticals alone, but most of them are going to Asia pacific countries (Grand View Research 2017). For UK facilities to remain relevant and address the productivity shortfalls faced by British companies, technological advances like the latest collaborative robots for the pharmaceutical industry are a vital innovation you should be introducing right now.  All this means that for production and research labs alike, Collaborative Robots are becoming commonplace and are now becoming the norm working alongside humans.

Uses and benefits of collaborative robots in the pharmaceutical industry

Uses and benefits of collaborative robots in the pharmaceutical industry

  • Reliable

  • Consistent

  • Precise

  • Safe

  • Clean

  • Verifiable


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Modern, flexible automation and robotic cells have many advantages to the industry. Their consistent high-quality work improves quality control, it is easily verifiable, traceable and can be recorded automatically. They eliminate human error and contamination in so many ways. Their precision in areas such as picking, packing and inspection means that their cost is negligible compared to the cost of a mistake.  Able to work 24 hours a day without breaks or maintenance for years on end, means their payback period can be around twenty four to thirty six months in most industries.

While modern Cobots and flexible automation cells are often used in large facilities, they are even better suited in a small or multi-lab situation.  Their ability to perform a variety of tasks, programmed in, ready to go, in different locations, makes them great for small production runs. They are so easy to reprogram for a new task, without programming knowledge, allowing scientists, lab and assembly technicians to get on with work more suited to the human. Some facilities even claim that the robots taking away dull and repetitive tasks and has resulted in an improvement in recruitment and retention and personnel actually enjoy working with them.

Active8 Robots is your perfect partner for automation.  With a range of expertise, engineers and technicians, we have the advantage of being able to tailor the best possible solution to your needs. Active8 Robots is a UK company from Somerset, a trusted partner of many research laboratories, particularly in universities and businesses large and small.

Core Competencies

“Active8 is Rethink Robotics second biggest distributor in Europe and their third biggest worldwide.  They also carry the KUKA iiwa and ABB YuMi collaborative robot products so can speak about competitive advantage”

-Goldman Sachs           

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“[Collaborative Robots]…work along side our scientists to help make drug discovery smarter, faster and cheaper”

Paul Harper Associate Principle Scientist AstraZeneca

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