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Collaborative Robots For The 
Food Production Industry

Helping You Make Your Food Production Business More Profitable 

With automation solutions for your dirty, repetitive and dull tasks

There has long been automation in the food industry, the need for consistency of product and minimal handling, has led to many bespoke designed systems.  Strangely, this may well have contributed to a slow uptake of Collaborative Robots for the food industry.  This is probably the reason that we have seen many examples of food production businesses missing obvious and quick wins from collaborative systems.  Many a time have we seen a multi million pound installation, delivering products to someone to hand pack, and load them onto a pallet.  You have access to our team of experts to help you to find automation for your manual tasks or for complete end to end solutions, whether your business is large or small.  Designing your end to end system with Collaborative Robots in mind, is the best way to take full advantage but they can also be a good way to enhance current systems, making a huge difference to productivity and profitability.

“Active8 is Rethink Robotics second biggest distributor in Europe and their third biggest worldwide.  They also carry the KUKA iiwa and ABB YuMi collaborative robot products so can speak about competitive advantage”

– Goldman Sachs


Advantages of collaborative robots in the food industry


Streamlining end to end traceability reduces compliance costs and effort and helps you ensure brand protection in the unlikely event of something going wrong.


Collaborative robots are able to interact with humans and adjust accordingly. They are then able to signal other parts of the assembly line and adjust workflow speeds. 

Easy Programming

Depending on the solution you choose, Collaborative robots are  often designed to be flexible and easy to program without  specialist training, so you can carry out new tasks easily. 

Certified Safe

These robots do not need huge areas of safe zone and caging, they are often a similar footprint to a person, are bristling with sensors and are certified safe to work with people.


24 hours a day 7 days a week for years on end without maintenance, with consistent, reliable precision.  Providing you with easy quality control and optimised productivity.

“We have seen many examples of food production businesses missing obvious and quick wins”

Contact us and we’ll help you find yours.

There are many types of robots suitable for the food industry.  The primary consideration is clearly cleaning regimes.  Many robots are able to be cleaned to HACCP principles, some can even clean themselves.  Safety is another main concern when creating working space suitable for human and collaborative robots to work together. Speed is often the final decider and there are many industrial robots capable of working at blindingly fast speeds, but the faster they are, the more likely they are to need more space with caging and safety systems.  Our expert advisers will be able to aid your decisions with a simple yet in-depth report with return on investment figures and visualisation graphics for you to take to your team.  Contact us to find out more.

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