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Mobile Collaborative Robot or MOBOT

Active8 Robots is evaluating several mobile robot platforms for suitable integration with Smart Collaborative Robots or COBOTS such as Baxter & Sawyer from Rethink Robotics. These new MOBOTS will have enhanced capabilities and extended functionality making them suitable for more complex tasks and environments.

Designed with leading space technology from the team behind the ESA Rover test programme, the Baxter Mobile base provides complete independent mobility for the Baxter robot to pave the way for whole new areas for research and application. It is compact enough to fit through doors and hallways and has incredible agility thanks to its omni-directional wheels.

Intelligent Communication

The Baxter Mobile base has an advanced interface to not only control the base, but to allow it to integrate with Baxter and be part of the ROS control architecture. Control of the Baxter robot mobile base is also possible using anything from a Laptop to an Xbox controller which gives users a flexible platform for a wide range of autonomous systems research.

Cutting Edge Design

Gears and motors have been cleverly engineered to be self-sufficient within the wheels leaving lots of space for batteries to supply power to the base and Baxter for up to 10 hours of continuous power. Thanks to its expandable modular design, users are able to integrate additional sensor systems to customise the platform for their unique needs.

New Research Opportunities

Mobile humanoid robotics research is a developing field which has so far been limited to a few select Universities due to lack of access to the latest in technology for a price which is affordable to the majority of researchers. With an increasing focus being placed on human assistive robotics, there is now an autonomous base available to provide a practical solution to open up this field of research to a wider variety of institutions.

Technical Specifications:

  • Supplies AC power via an onboard inverter to Baxter
  • 800mm x 800mm chassis size
  • Four 10″ Mecannum wheels
  • Innovative in-wheel motor and gearbox design
  • Runs on 12 – 35 Volts, Up to 3 Amps
  • Space for 4 x 40Ah batteries providing over 10 hours run time at maximum torque
  • Max Calculated Speed: 77 RPM or 1m/s
  • Weight XXkg/ XXlbs
  • 100kg max payload
  • USB or serial interface

Price: POA

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