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Baxter MFG Research Robot

Active8 Robots research and development team is dedicated to finding innovative robotic solutions to current commercial problems. We are proud to be working with Rethink Robotics to provide industries in Europe with the cutting edge capabilities of the Baxter Advanced Manufacturing Research Robot.

Smart, Collaborative Robot

The Baxter Manufacturing robot is easily integrated and is able to connect seamlessly to other automation and because Baxter is completely safe to work around there is no need for safety cages.  Baxter can increase productivity and efficiency whilst also saving valuable floor space.


Like Humans Do

As workers were given power tools in the past to aid and compliment their work the next generation of workers will be given robots, that’s where Baxter comes in. Baxter is trained, not programmed and is completely unique in that it can be manually trained by in-house staff, no need for expensive third party programmers. Your workforce will become enthused by training their new assistant, by teaching Baxter what to do by moving its arms in Zero-G mode and showing it objects that need to be manipulated via its inbuilt cameras and sensors Baxter can work like humans do.

Baxter’s flexibility and mobility means that it can be used for a range of applications and can be re-trained across lines and tasks with the capability to store up to 100 different programs. With the new Intera 3 software Baxter is now twice as fast and twice as accurate. Download the full spec for Baxter (PDF).

Real-world Variability

Baxter has been designed from the ground up to suit a wide range of factory applications. By utilising intelligent software and collaborative working Baxter can adapt to the ever changing requirements of a modern business.

One Robot, Many Specialities

  • Kitting
  • Packaging
  • Sorting
  • Machine Tending
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Material Handling

Reduce the Risk of Offshoring

By utilising low cost, smart collaborative robots like Baxter, businesses can remove the need to offshore/outsource work overseas and keep manufacturing in its current domestic environment. There is also a case to use low cost automation to reshore and bring manufacturing work back to the domestic market.

Change Applications Quickly

Using the new Intera 3 software including the Robot Positioning System featuring Landmarks™ Baxter can be re-deployed quickly across tasks meaning that there is little or no production downtime. These key innovative features all help speed up the ROI time for Baxter.

Baxter has two 7 degree of freedom arms incorporating cutting edge Series Elastic Actuators (SEA’s) that allow the robot to sense position and force at every joint. Safety is an inherent part of the design of Baxter, and using SEA’s makes Baxter the first truly collaborative robot for industry. Baxter has been certified under ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 for industrial use.

Price: POA

Got a question about Baxter, see our FAQs section or contact us. There is also a Research Version of the Baxter Robot available from Active8 Robots in the UK and Europe.

Want to meet Baxter in person?

We can come to you at a time to suit you and let Baxter give you a personal presentation.

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