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Intera 3 – The Power of the Platform

Intera 3 logo

Intera 3 is the latest, and by far the most impressive, version of the revolutionary Intera software platform. Enabling Baxter to perform with over twice the speed, precision and motion quality of the original version whilst maintaining the same industry leading safety, Intera 3 maximises the manufacturing potential of Baxter.

Intera 3 provides an easy to use graphical user interface that in-house staff can master quickly. The platform allows Baxter to be trained by demonstration, using context instead of coordinates to enable non-technical personnel to create and modify programs as needed. It intelligently handles changing environments, while providing an extensible platform that can be taught new tasks daily, and gains new capabilities with every software update.

One Robot, Many Specialities

  • Kitting
  • Packaging
  • Sorting
  • Machine Tending
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Material Handling

Baxter has been THE go-to platform for an affordable, practical and safe robotic platform for research and manufacturing since introduction in 2012. With the improvements made in Intera 3, Baxter keeps on getting better and increasing ROI for users.

Intera 3.1

The release of Intera 3.1 in November 2014 built on the already successful Intera 3 software by implementing the new Robot Positioning System featuring Landmarks™.

The Robot Positioning System allows users to quickly re-deploy Baxter using the new Landmarks™ feature meaning that downtime and retraining of the robot is kept to an absolute minimum. This groundbreaking technology allows the Baxter collaborative robot to adapt to ever changing requirements in its real-world environment, such as re-deployment across tasks, movement of fixtures or simply a table being bumped out of its original position. Intera 3.1 now makes Baxter even easier to train and manage within your existing factory dynamics.

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