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Robot Positioning System

The Robot Positioning System allows users to quickly re-deploy Baxter using the innovative new Landmarks™ feature. Downtime and retraining of the robot is kept to an absolute minimum which maximises productivity and increase ROI. This ground breaking technology allows the Baxter collaborative robot to adapt to ever changing requirements in its real-world environment, such as re-deployment across tasks, movement of fixtures or simply a table being bumped out of its original position.


The Robot Positioning System uses Landmarks™, similar to QR codes, to train Baxter around. Functions are recorded in Baxter’s built-in memory so when the time comes for re-deployment, simply wheel Baxter to the new work area, choose the required programme, scan the Landmarks™ press ‘GO’ and that’s the re-deployment done. 

baxter landmarks


There are many advantages to having a smart, collaborative robot such as Baxter within a manufacturing facility such as:

Quick Integration

From initial enquiry to having Baxter up and running can be in as little as 4 weeks. Due to being a smart, collaborative robot with the ability to work alongside the existing workforce, like humans do, Baxter doesn’t need extensive health and safety reviewing or caging to be integrated safely. 


Baxter can be re-deployed across tasks in as little as 5 minutes by utilising the unique Landmarks™ features of the Robot Positioning System that is part of Intera 3.

Minimal Downtime

By not having to rely on expensive external programmers or integrators, and by empowering your own workforce to use the next generation of power tool, collaborative robots like Baxter, your business is saved by time and money as well as increasing its operational flexibility. 

Low cost


Continuing Payback

After initial outlay and integration expenditure Baxter doesn’t require costly maintenance, need a retained technician or expensive programmer to alter tasks. Baxter’s purpose can adapt as your business grows so you want have to constantly renew your robotic investment.