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" Sawyer is uniquely suited to Higher Education, with the ability to start up in industrial mode or with full programming access"

It really is THE best possible collaborative robot for Higher Education, here’s why.


  • This robot is very low cost but very high quality.
  • It is a Collaborative Robot, so it’s designed to work SAFELY, in close proximity to people without cages and a folder full of risk assessments
  • Uniquely, this robot can be fired up in two modes, one designed for industry, with simple interfacing and programming and the other, perfect for academia, with PC access to program directly, perfect for integrating with larger systems.
  • It’s super easy to program for routine tasks, you can literally show it what you want it to do!
  • Sawyer is super flexible, you need it in another lab? Just take the breaks off, wheel it through and show it what you want to do. Finally, it looks stunning. This will make your job of attracting the best students, academic staff and researchers so much easier.

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