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3D Laser Scanning

Digital Surveys provide a comprehensive data capture service using the latest 3D laser scanning to carry out point cloud surveys. This allows us to virtually map everything from large scale plants down to very small industrial components.

3d laser scanning

Active8 Robots utilise a range of 3D scanners each with different capabilities, ranges, speed durability and accuracies. When an item or site is scanned, a very accurate 3D data set known as a point cloud is generated.

3d laser scanning

Active8 Robots use all their own scanners rather than hiring scanners as this can add additional costs to a project, this practice is relatively common amongst companies offering 3D scanning. We have the capability and equipment to produce large extensive scans as well as smaller jobs.

3d laser scanningThe benefits of this service;

  • We offer very fast data capture
  • Our work is accurate (sub mm)
  • We ensure minimum disruption
  • Our scanning is suitable for hazardous environments
  • There will be a reduced need for site re-visits
  • You can see stunning visual results in 3D

We’ve developed a variety of outputs for the Point Cloud Scan:

  • ‘As Built’ basic layout Autocad or similar
  • ‘As Built’ layout including all pipe runs
  • 3D buildings walls in Autocad exportable to REVIT
  • Photographic 3D ‘walk-throughs’ with instant measurement
  • 3D structural steelwork in Autocad for analysis
  • ‘Shrink-wrap’ 3D modelling direct from Point Cloud
  • 3D pipework modelling with auto export to Plant 3D or PI&D’s
  • Parametric 3D models in dwg, dwf, stp, sat, egs etc
  • Intelligent P&ID’s
  • New pipework ISOGENS
  • Training / Plant investigation
  • Reverse Engineering

3D Laser Scanning

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