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Attollo Palletiser

The Active8 Robots Attollo Palletising System has been designed with flexibility in mind and represents the next generation in agility, with a small footprint and portable palletising design.
The Attollo system consists of a light-weight six degree of freedom robot arm (within a fully enclosed cell for maximum safety) that transports products presented to the infeed conveyor onto a variety of pallet formats.
The system incorporates a standard vacuum picking head that handles a wide variety of box types, additionally custom tooling can be provided for special use cases where required.
The castor system adds additional flexibility as the unit can quickly be unlocked and repositioned on other lines / locations to maximise its versatility.

Cycle Times

Indicative cycle times of 8-10 sec are to be expected. Speed will vary from case to case based on distance travelled to the putdown location and the weights involved.
Illustrative product throughput rates are therefore as follows:

• Single picks at 6 – 7.5 units per minute
• Double picks at 12 – 15 units per minute
• Triple picks at 18 – 22.5 per minute
• Quadruple picks at 24 – 30 per minute

Where possible we request that we have 1 or 2 pallets of your product to calibrate the palletiser
prior to delivery.


Palletiser Specifications

Find out if the Attollo Palletiser will suit your facility

Parameters aren’t right for you? Find out if we can meet your requirements with bespoke design updates.

User Process

A simple intuitive user friendly graphical (touch screen) interface means you can change product SKUs on the fly, adding new variations and layer formats with ease.
Giving full input control of box dimensions; weight; pallet types; number of layers, height and box arrangements without any additional resetting or programming changes.
The robot picks 1 box from the conveyor belt each time and manipulates it using the EOAT to organise it on the pallet.  The robot places the box onto a pallet until the pallet is fully loaded and ready to be removed and replaced by an operator, or even an Automated Intelligent Vehicle (AIV). The process then can be repeated or changed for another SKU or pallet.

Palletiser Frame Design