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Automation Design & Manufacturing Engineering

Our team members have a wide range of experience of the hardware and software required to deliver robotics automation solutions that are robust, reliable, and safe.

custon-end-of-arm-toolingWe offer a comprehensive turnkey design and engineering service for robot solutions across a huge variety of applications an industries.

Typical applications include:

  • part assembly
  • machine tending (lathe, mill press etc)
  • automated testing
  • box erecting
  • part packing
  • palletising

Our multi-disciplined team can design and develop all aspects of a collaborative or industrial robot cell that will give long life and value to our customers.

Process and System Design
We can analyse your application and devise most efficient and effective way to integrate a robot for the best productivity and reliability. We can develop a Proof of Concept to fully test the proposed solution before integration with existing production systems, from robot vision picking to part handling and packing.

Mechanical Design
Robot cells often require specialist tools, jigs and fixtures to make part handling and manipulation easier for the robot. We can design, develop and manufacture everything from custom grippers to mechanisms to ensure a complete and effective robot integration. We also offer a mechanical prototyping service to make sure that all aspects of the proposed robot tool or fixture can work for your application.

Electrical Design
Our electrical team can take care of the interfacing and wiring between the robot and 3rd party systems and sensors. This often includes safety circuits, pneumatic controls, grippers, inter-robot connectivity, digital I/O, HMIs and PLCs.

Software and Programming
We can program the robot to complete the task as well as integrating all systems and sensors. Our programmers work with future proofing in mind to ensure the robot program can be easily modified and expanded either by the client or Active8 Robots.

The advanced capabilities of collaborative robots (COBOTS) such as Sawyer opens up a range of novel solutions that can use machine vision and force sensing. The ability to work unguarded around humans means collaborative robots are finding applications where traditional industrial robots struggle to compete. Unguarded robots also mean a smaller footprint cell, often fitting around existing machinery and making the best use of valuable factory space.

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