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Robotiq Sanding Kit – The only hardware and software sanding solution for Universal Robots


Robotiq Sanding Kit

The Robotiq Sanding Kit is the first complete cobot sanding solution.  Designed for a multitude of sanding tasks on a variety of materials, at last, a sanding application for your workshop.


  • Reduce programming time from hours to minutes
  • Automate sanding tasks the easy way
  • The only hardware and software sanding solution for Universal Robots
  • Increase quality and productivity
  • Reduce worker injuries


Robotiq Sanding Kit - Supported materials


Kit Includes

  1. Orbital Tool
  2. Bracket
  3. Sanding Media
  4. Finish Copilot Software
  5. Quick Start Guide
  6. Air control Accessories

Robotiq Sanding Kit – Easy to integrate, easy to use

Sanding applications for collaborative robots require many hardware and software components to communicate together. Integration can take months… but not anymore! Our sanding kit is the only hardware and software all-in-one solution for cobots.

Teach six waypoints and let the Finishing Copilot software generate a complete path, applying consistent force at each cycle.

Robotiq is a pioneer in collaborative robot force control, and we built our expertise by supporting hundreds of clients with their automation projects. Our best lessons learned over the past ten years are all included in the finishing quick-start guide. Use it to save hours of programming time.



Random orbital sander
Maximum Air supply 6.2 bar (90 PSI)
Air flow (at full speed) 450 L/min (16 SCFM)
Pad diameter 5″
Media Hook-and-loop; 5 holes
Orbit diameter 3/32″
Maximum speed 12,000 RPM
Air supply inlet 1/4″ NPT thread
Dust exhaust Central vacuum ready; 1″ (25mm) diameter.
Robotiq bracket
Weight 0.42 kg
Added height 9 mm
Control valve
Air supply inlet/outlet 1/4″ NPT thread
Sanding media kit
Added height 60, 80, 120, 220, 320, 400



Robotiq Sanding Kit - Copilot URCap

This product is designed for the URe series, however the CB series can be retro fitted with the robotiq force torque sensor to allow operation with this model.

Find out more about the force torque sensor here

The elaborate URCap guarantees that the operation is easily and optimally configured for the task at hand.

Robotiq offers a complete suite of products designed to operate together natively on the Universal Robot platform.

Other superb products include Electric Grippers, Parallel Grippers, Force torque sensor, Vacuum Grippers, 2d Camera and sanding and polishing tools.

The suite is complemented by a superb set of software for easy management of your robots Torque sensing, offering a suite of easy force torque sensing abilities and tools without the need for programming expertise.

The range is topped off superbly by the Insights software.  This allow monitoring of your robot cell(s) performance and can notify you of any stoppages.  Furthermore, it offers the additional ability for remote access to your robot, with the insertion of a physical dongle, to help you instantly resolve issues you may encounter.

A superb suite of kit and software for your Universal Robot to help you Start Production Faster.

Please note these tools will operate on other robot platforms using different controlling mechanisms along with conversion hardware.