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Schunk Collaborative Grippers – Co-act JL1


The Schunk Collaborative Grippers – Co-act JL1 are inherently safe industrial gripper with built in force limitation, collision protection, safe drive, environmental sensor systems, on-board operating software.


Electric 2-finger parallel gripper certified for collaborative operation with actuation via 24 V and digital I/O

Never causes injuries  –  Always detect human contact  –  Grippers never lose a work piece


Capacitive sensor system

To prevent collision situations by recognising them early



Enables communication with the gripper as well as teaching or switching to various operating modes



Mounted between the fingers, for detecting the surroundings, differentiating and searching for objects


Parallel and angular grips

Two types of grips for gripping any geometry


Safe force limitation

The right gripping force for every kind of handling, even for high work piece weights


Tactile sensor system

For in time detection and differentiation between work pieces and humans



The Schunk Collaborative Grippers – Co-act JL1


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